Lake Texoma Lodge & Resort- Luxury hotel since 1955

about our Resort

Lake Texoma Lodge & Resort has a long and rich history. It was one of the first 2 resorts of its kind on or near Lake Texoma. 1) The orginal resort was known as the Honeymoon Lodge and the second was the State Lodge known as Texoma Lodge. Many of the resorts stone-walled villas (Suites) have been serving travelers and those looking to enjoy Lake Texoma since the 1950's.

In 2008 when the State closed its doors of the orginal Lake Texoma Lodge and tore it down to the ground. With no new lodge in sight the Cronemillers said what are all those familys going to do with no place to take there children. Then in 2013 the Cronemillers decided to bring back the the memories and purchaded the Honeymoon Lodge and the remodeling started. Kathy Cronemiller's father, Gene Rochelle, was principal at Mead High School in the fifties. Having been raised in the area as a child, Kathy made it a priority to bring her family to the lake on a regular basis. She, her husband and three girls, spent countless weekends camping and boating at Catfish Bay."While our children were young Lake Texoma was the perfect place to spend time together as a family. There was always so much to do." -Kathy

Reminiscing on how lively the lake once was, the Cronemillers saw an opportunity to provide a Special Place for families that has been missing from the area since the State Lodge closed in 2008. We hope that the new #Lake Texoma Lodge & Resort will allow guests to create the same wonderful memories that our family has had over the years. We think Lake Texoma is a special place. We think you'll think so too.